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The Process of Inquiry and Admission
to the Society of St. Paul.

Step One

The entrance process is a simple and hopefully an effective one for determining whether you have a vocation to the Society of St. Paul (Pauline Fathers and Brothers) way of life. Father Jeffrey Mickler and Brother Richard Brunner are our Vocation Directors. Both reside at:

Vocation Office, Society of St. Paul
9531 Akron-Canfield Road, P.O. Box 189
Canfield, OH 44406-0189

After reading through the process outlined on this page, feel free to contact either of them at the address shown above or phone, fax or e-mail them at the following: Phone # (330) 702-0359. Fax # (330) 702-0396. E-mail:

Prior to the initial contact with the Society of St. Paul, it is recommended that a man who is considering answering the call to Ordained Ministry to the Priesthood or to the Consecrated Life as a Brother, should be in some initial steps of formal spiritual direction with a Spiritual Director.

Your interest is appreciated!

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I participate in the devotional and paraliturgical activities of the parish.
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What level of education have you completed?

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In response to your request for vocation information, we will provide a packet of information which includes: An initial covering letter of introduction from the Vocation Director. Included is a form which gives you the option to receive further information.

With the initial letter of introduction you will also receive four Society of St. Paul Vocation Folders which will give you a clearer understanding of the history, charism. and ministry of the Pauline Brothers and Priests. These folders were designed in such a way as to offer a potential candidate time to reflect on the following Pauline topics:

Folder # I The Beginning of the Church - The Dawn

This folder describes in brief - The Infant Church - The enlightenment of Venerable James Alberione - The challenges of the Third Millennium and new ministry - Evangelization Today - The Media Today and You Today.

Folder # 2 Society of St. Paul - Our Founder

This folder presents a brief outline of our founder, Venerable James Alberione, the Man, his Mission and his Ministry. It also gives an overview of the patron of our Congregation, St. Paul the Apostle, the Man, his Mission and his Ministry.

Folder # 3 The Pauline Communicates

In this folder we view how the Pauline Priest and Brother Communicates with God, through prayer, study and the Pauline media ministry. Reflections on the vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience are also presented.

Folder # 4 General Information and Facts about the Society of St. Paul

This folder describes who Pauline Men are, our global mission and presence and our ministry in the United States. Guidelines for the decision making process are also presented. Listed in this brochure are the necessary qualifications, Age, Religious and Academic Formation and Development and Religious Profession / Ordination and Ongoing Formation and Development. And finally the process of Application.

Step Two

After reading through this literature, if you feel that possibly the Society of St. Paul is where God may be calling you, we ask the inquirer to return the sheet called "May We Hear From You?" If you request the Preliminary Questionnaire which is a "Vocation Profile and Life Line Sheet, "it will be mailed to you. Once it is returned, the vocation director will arrange to telephone you to discuss his reactions and help answer any other questions or concerns you may have.

Step Three

Telephone or e-mail contact continues between you and the vocation director for a period of time. At some point a face to face interview will be arranged. From this meeting an invitation to visit the community in New York or Ohio, may be made. During this period of discernment it is essential to begin to establish a relationship with the Vocation Director and the Pauline Priests, Brothers and Sisters throughout the American Province as much as possible.Ways in which this can be done, will be explained to you during your communications with the Vocation Director.

Step Four

The Society of St. Paul Affiliate Program.

During the time of discernment, it is recommended that a man who is interested in applying to the Society of St. Paul may wish to consider to participate as an Affiliate. It provides a man a chance to see what religious life is like, to experience living in community, deepening their prayer life, and to work with Pauline Brothers and Priests spreading the Gospel message by use of the communications media. The Affiliate Program is also a program for Volunteer Ministry. Guidelines are set in place by the Provincial, the Vocation Director and the Superior of the local community where the potential candidate or volunteer is assigned.

Step Five

An invitation may be made by the Vocation Director to apply for formal entrance into the Formation Process to the Society of St. Paul. The candidate would then enter into one of our three communities, Staten Island, New York, Canfield, Ohio or Dearborn, MI., to continue to discern his vocation to the Pauline Religious Life. To be admitted to the community as a first year candidate or pre-novice he must first provide documents which are listed on the back cover of vocation folder # 4: General Information and Facts about the Society of St. Paul.
The Society of St. Paul invites mature, spiritually motivated men, to consider joining them in participating in the dynamic ministry of communications to help spread the Good News of Jesus to the men and women of our day.

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