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Official Documents of the Church In Reference to the Bible
The Church and the Bible The Church and the Bible is a resource book that all branches of theology will find useful: not only Biblical scholars, but those interested in the dogmatic, moral, liturgical, pastoral and spiritual teachings of the Church. Typical examples are the Church, interpretation of the Bible, and the Jewish people and their Sacred Scriptures in the Christian Bible.

The Church's Origin and Nature, Its Mission and Ministries
A Guide to the ChurchA Guide to the Church acquaints the reader with varying images of the Church, including: biblical images, contemporary models, and the classical "marks." Here too are explanations of the mission of the Church, its origin and aim, and the peculiar dynamics of the home and foreign missions.

Theological Reflections on the Sacrificial Elements of the Mass
The Mass as Sacrifice In many places around the world the reality of the sacrifical nature of the Mass has been seriously down-played to the detriment of the spiritual life of the faithful. The Mass as Sacrifice  examines this whole question in depth, showing how, especially in the Roman Canon, the sacrificial nature of the Mass is emphasized and expressed as it always ought to be.

Hidden Enemies for Priests and Seminarians
Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood Ignorance of The Hidden Enemies of the Priesthood  can eat away at the moral fiber of priests that can prove disastrous for the individuals and for the Church they have vowed to serve. This study is meant to help priests and seminarians reckon with them in a healthy and faith-filled way so that they will not be taken aback by the trials these hidden enemies bring about.

Scriptural Reflections on How to Lose Your Life and Save It
Remember Lot's Wife The meditations in Remember Lot's Wife , written in the style of Lectio Divina, seeks to illustrate our Savior's admonition in a variety of ways. Beginning with familiar short passages from the Old Testament and working his way through the New, Abbot Martin J. Burne (1914-2003) brings his talent and expertise to unveiling the hidden meaning behind the Word of God.

Apologetics in a Contemporary Context
Christianity Among Other Religions In today's pluralistic culture, many people are searching for the meaning of life but feel confused by the labyrinthine multiplicity of religions in the world. Christianity Among Other Religions  intends to show that Christianity is God's response -- expressed in human words and in human history -- to the divinely inspired yet sin-distorted universal human search for God.

The Son, The Spirit, and The Sacred 
Embracing the Mystery of the Holy Spirit Embracing the Mystery of the Holy Spirit shows how the the Christian life is immersed in the activity of the Holy Spirit of God. Christ meets us through Holy Spirit and it is that Holy Spirit Who enlightens our minds, orders our moral conduct, directs our prayer, and transforms us into greater reflections of Christ.

Females in a Patriarchal Society
In this book, Biblical Women  the reader can contemplate the important role of women in the bible, even in the context of a patriarchal culture.

A Fresh New Look at the Psalms!
In this scholarly yet highly readable work, With a Listening Heart  Father Buby provides us with inspiring biblical and spiritual reflections on the Psalms based on the most recent scholarship available.

On the Suffering and Death of Christ!
In her book, The Theology of "The Passion of the Christ"  the author gives a scene-by-scene in-depth analysis from the theological point of view of the Mel Gibson Film, The Passion of the Christ .

Jesus Christ, True God and True Man!
In this revised and expanded edition of Jesus Christ: Fundamentals of Christology  the author presents a penetrating and integral approach to the mystery of Christ with broad appeal to Catholics, Protestants and Orthodox Christians alike.

As Beautiful as It is Inspirational! 
This fresh, new approved translation of all the books of The New Testament, St. Paul Catholic Edition, is colorful, easy to read, loaded with illustrations, with plenty of notes and cross-references. An ideal gift for confirmations, graduations, weddings and other special occasions.

"For the Lord gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding. " (Proverbs 2:6)
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An Authoritative Text on Mariology
The Mother of the Lord The Mother of the Lord presents a comprehensive overview of the actual questions facing the study of Mary in the Church today. As a document coming from a Pontifical Academy, the sources are the writings of the great teachers of the Church, the texts of the liturgy, the ecumenical councils, the various dicasteries and commissions of the Holy See, and the episcopal conferences.

Woman's Unique Vocation
The Priesthood of the Heart Priesthood of the Heart is for all women no matter what their state in life, but it could as well help more than one man understand the mystery of the woman. The book converns the uniqueness of female spirituality, with special reference to the times we are living in.

Creation Stories and Visions of the Fulfillment in the Bible
I Am the Beginning and the End Reflecting on the first four chapters of Genesis and the last section of the Book of Revelation, I Am the Beginning and the End discerns in them something of the profound meaning behind the creation of the universe (cosmology) and our place in it (anthropology) in the light of faith in God (theology).

Meditations and Prayers Along the Way
The Mass: Our Life's Journey In 64 brief meditations on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the reader is led to a deeper appreciation of that celebration. In breaking down each part, The Mass: Our Life's Journey confronts the reader with practical challenges for action as it opens up the hidden mysteries of the Holy Sacrifice that we so often take for granted.

Getting to Know Jesus as Presented by the Evangelists
Jesus in the Gospels Jesus in the Gospels returns to the Jesus in the Gospels. That's the Jesus we believe in. Its purpose is to try to help the reader know Jesus as one person knows another. May the reader come away from its pages more deeply in love with this Jesus whom countless millions call "My Lord and my God."

Towards a Comprehensive Catechesis! 
Drawing heavily on the Church's documents and the teachings of the bishops following the Second Vatican Council, A Practical Guide for Imparting the Faith takes complex theological concepts and applies them to everyday practical experience. 

The Story of the Eucharist: East and West!
This book, The Origin and Development of the Holy Eucharist: East and West presents the biblical background and history of the Eucharist in the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and includes chapters on their Jewish and Greek heritage as well as a comparison of current practices in both Churches.

A Remarkable Bible Atlas and More!
In this Interdisciplinary Atlas of the Bible  the whole history of salvation is explained and illustrated in a brief but comprehensive way. Some 24 chapters provide information on the biblical and historical context, the archeology, the geography and the theology of the Bible.

A Reference Book For the Ages
In this latest, the seventh, edition of their classic work Neuner and Dupuis bring together in one handy volume The Christian Faith all of the key documents regarding faith and morals that have been proclaimed by Catholicism throughout the ages in official councils and pronouncements. Catholic and non-Catholic scholars find this an invaluable reference tool. Indices and Tables enhance the value of this unique collection of documents.

Grisez's 3-Volume Work on Moral Theology
Germain Grisez has written a classical 3-volume work on moral theology. The first volume, Christian Moral Principles is constructed primarily as a textbook in fundamental moral theology for students in Catholic seminaries. The second volume in the series, Living a Christian Life, deals with the responsibilities common to all Christians. And the Third Volume, Difficult Moral Questions, seeks to provide guidance, if not always answers, to some 200 intriguing problems that Christians grapple with each day.

Extensive Theology & Scripture Listing
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