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Title: The Rosary
With Fra Angelico and Giotto

Author: Domenico Marcucci, Edmund C. Lane, SSP, and Gary T. Johnson 
Translator: Edmund C. Lane, SSP 
ISBN: 0-8189-0974-9 
Paperback: 64 pp., illustrated 
Price: $4.95 + shipping 

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Two extraordinarily popular booklets on the recitation of the mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, Through the Rosary with Fra Angelico and Through the Mysteries of Light with Giotto and Fra Angelico have been combined in this little booklet. The artists whose works are the focus of the meditations are masters at conveying the sense of the sacred which is so conducive to reflective prayer. The method of reciting the rosary that is used here is praised by Pope Paul VI in his encyclical Marialis Cultus: "For the precise purpose of favoring contemplation and to help the mind correspond to the words being used, it was the practice at one time... to add to the name of Jesus in every 'Hail Mary' a phrase which would recall the mystery that had been announced" (n. 46).


"Through the Rosary with Fra Angelico is an outstanding little art booklet which illustrates each mystery of the Rosary with a detail from some work of Fra Angelico. They are done in vibrant color which really does them justice. Included in the booklet is a brief history of the Rosary, an explanation of how to say it, and, for each mystery, biblical citations and prayer intentions which come from the work of St. Louis Grignion de Montfort. This little beauty was put together by Domenico Marcucci. The cost is a mere $2.95." --The Priest

"It is heartening to see how many books have been published recently encouraging devotion to the Rosary. This book, translated and reprinted from the Italian, uses the exquisite artwork of the 15th century Dominican painter, Fra Angelico, to capture the spirit of the Rosary. The arrangement of this full-color book makes meditation on each mystery much easier, so that those Catholics who are drawn to the Rosary but find meditation difficult will welcome this book. The introduction is especially clear, explaining why we should pray the Rosary and how it will help us in our daily Christian life." --Extension, October 1990

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