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Title: Women Mystics of the Medieval, Modern and Contemporary Eras 

Author: Thierry Gosset 
Women Mystics of the Medieval Era 
Paperback: 96 pp. 
Price: $9.95 + shipping 
Women Mystics of the Modern Era 
Paperback 96 pp. 
Price: $9.95 + shipping 
Women Mystics of the Contemporary Era 
ISBN: 0-8189-0943-9 
Paperback: 96 pp. 
Price: $9.95 + shipping 
Women Mystics: Three Volume Set 
Paperback: 288 pp. 
Price: $25.00 + shipping 

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These three attractive books present carefully chosen excerpts from the writings of the great women mystics whose spiritual genius and profound understanding of life, touch our lives today.
Women Mystics of the Medieval Era (12th - 14th centuries). In the Middle Ages there was a flowering of illustrious women mhystics whose spiritual genius is unparalleled in Western history: Hildegard of Bingen, Clare of Assisi, Mechtild of Magdeburg, hadewijch of Antwerp, Margaret Porete, Julian of Norwich and Catherine of Siena. Today, more than ever, the lives of these women and their profound understanding of the meaning of life cross the boundaries of time and find an echo in our own lives.
Women Mystics of the Modern Era (15th -18th centuries). During this period the mystical centre of gravity moved in Europe from the north to the Latin countries of the Mediterranean Basin: Spain, with St. Teresa, became the land of mystics par excellence; Italy also had its mystics with women like Catherine of Genoa and Mary Magdalene of Pazzi; and French spirituality shone with two very different women: Marie of the Incarnation and Madame Guyon.
Women Mystics of the Contemporary Era (29th - 20th centuries). The women mystics of past centuries were extraordinary human beings, but the 20th century also gave the world some exceptional women. Thérèse of Lisieux, Elizabeth of the Trinity, Simone Weil, Edith Stein and Marthe Robin were women animated by the same love of God druing the same era yet each expressed her love of God in her own way.



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