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Title: Companion to My Tears: Working Through the Process of Bereavement 

Author: Margaret Anne Roberts Drucker, MD 
ISBN: 0-8189-0710-X 
Paperback: x + 62 pp. 
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How does one cope with the loss of a loved one, the most important friend you ever had, the companion of your joys who has suddenly become the invisible companion to your tears? There are no pat answers or easy solutions to the pain you feel, the void which has been created in your life. There are, however, spiritual and psychological perspectives to your anguish which can bring comfort to this moment, solace to this day. There are milestones along the way as you struggle to rebuild your life in the absense -- yet felt presence -- of the one you loved in life. This book, written from the perspective of one who has been there, will console and encourage those who are dealing with bereavement and help them to grow in the process into stronger, healthier, happier people in the end. 
Margaret Anne Roberts Drucker, MD, writes this book from the perspective of a widow who is a practicing psychiatrist in the Washington, D.C. area, an individual with long held religious convictions and a strong desire to help others who, like herself, have had to cope or are in the process of dealing with the recent loss of a loved one. 


"A fine reflection written by a wife who lost her husband to sudden death. Deeply spiritual, it is ideal for a grieving husband or wife. Its practical insights will help the surviving partner move through the grieving process." --The Leading Edge, US Air Force Chaplain Service 

"How Margaret dealt with the trauma of her husband's sudden demise is told in clear, plain language in this short, little valuable booklet. There are six topics that Margaret explains helped her learn to cope. They are: Parting, Existence, Mourning, Solitude, Religion and Healing, and The End of Mourning.... This is a good, small publication to recommend to all widows, particularly those whose husbands died suddenly." --Msgr. Charles Diviney in The Tablet 
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