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Title: Married Saints 
Author: John F. Fink

ISBN: 0-8189-0822-X 
Paperback: xiv + 177 pp. 
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Most of the saints in heaven were married during their lives on earth; most of the canonized saints were not. While this book cannot change this fact, it does bring to the attention of the world many of those who were. Joseph and Mary, Isidore and Maria were married couples. Sts. Peter, Monica, Frances of Rome, Margaret of Scotland, Perpetua and Felicity, Bridget of Sweden, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Portugal and Elizabeth Ann Seton were married, as were St. Thomas More, St. Stephen of Hungary, St. Henry and St. Edward the Confessor. The brief biographies in this unique work will encourage husbands and wives everywhere to strive for greater holiness in their marriages and to take pride in their peers who did so before them and are now listed in the roster of the saints. 

Editor Emeritus of The Criterion, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis, John F. Fink was its Editor in Chief from July 1984 to January 1998. Prior to that he was with Our Sunday Visitor for 30 years, 11 of them as president and publisher. From 1965 to 1975 he was on the board of directors and served as treasurer, vice president and president of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. He was subsequently vice president and then president of the International Federation of Catholic Press Associations. He and his wife have seven children and eight grandchildren. 


"In Married Saints John Fink fleshes out, in his compelling narrative style, the home and family interests of 24 saints studied for centuries, yet 'unexplored' in the areas of domestic life. Monica, Thomas More, Perpetua and Felicity, Zachariah and Elizabeth, Frances of Rome, Margaret of Scotland, Isidore and Maria, Elizabeth of Hungary, Bridget of Sweden, Elizabeth Ann Seton and more. This is must reading for lay spirituality. A welcome addition to church, school and public libraries." --Mary C. Blooming, HM in Catholic Library World, November 1, 2003

"John Fink, formerly a longtime publisher of Our Sunday Visitor, gives us here chapters on the many saints who were married. Sometimes Catholics get the notion you have to be a priest, brother or sister to be a saint. But in this book are St. Elizabeth Seton, St. Monica, St. Bridget of Sweden and many more married saints. It gives encouragement to mothers and fathers. One does not have to be a missionary out in a jungle to be a saint or convert thousands of people or preach endlessly. Many saints have been canonized because they have been good husbands and wives, good mothers and fathers. In truth, today, raising children, especially teens, in our half-pagan society with drugs everywhere and a sex craze in our nation, is nothing less than heroic. Children somehow in our society have been forgotten while there is a rush in parishes to move around sanctuary furniture and redesign ceremonies. Parents are often beside themselves trying to keep their youngsters in the faith in our world when having fun is everything for may. It is the "in" thing to do, while television and the media in general imply that religion is old-fashioned. When one reads about these married saints he is encouraged and gains new hope. The saints are our guides to Heaven. These saints will help married people in their many trials at home and at work. It is not easy today. John Fink in his introduction tells us that this book brings to the attention of the world 'the great charity and heroic virtue that characterized the lives of married saints.' Many more married saints are in Heaven, of course, but these have been canonized and are honored by the Church." --Fr. Rawley Myers in Homiletic & Pastoral Review, January 2000

"This [book] focuses on married men and women who are listed in the Catholic Church's official roll of canonized saints. Fink's subjects span the ages from biblical times (Joachim and Ann, Zachary and Elizabeth, Mary and Joseph) to a saint whose life was lived during the 18th and 19th centuries, Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton. Fink's style is plain, straightforward, and factual, reflecting his experience as a journalist. Yet the brief stories he tells about each of his twenty-three subjects are fast moving and engaging. Married Saints fulfills the author's self-stated purpose 'to explain why the Church considers these men and women holy enough to be included in its roster of saints.'" --Clare Boehmer, ASC in Review for Religious, July-August 2000

"Great gift for pre-marital couples, anniversary couples, engaged: Married Saints, by writer, editor and publisher John F. Fink, this 192 page paperback book offers a major message -- that married life is and has always been a path to holiness. Author concentrates on married saints in the liturgical calendar; 18 chapters drawn on history, scholarship and tradition, brought together in readable, often witty prose that tell some of the best (and least known) stories in Church history. The author refers to the chapters as 'profiles' rather than biographies. His reasoning: Showing why the Church considers 'these men and women holy enough to be included in its roster of saints.' Superbly written and inspiring stories, enjoyable and insightful reading." --Crux of the News, March 15, 1999

"Married Saints, the latest book by Criterion Editor Emeritus Jack Fink, not only fills a gap in Catholic hagiography but it also provides a great gift possibility for engagements and wedding anniversaries. We know of no other volume especially devoted to the recognized married saints of the Church.... As always, Fink's writing is clear, engaging and well-researched. And, typically, he includes fascinating tidbits in the material for his readers. In this volume, readers are treated to a plethora of little-known facts about these married saints.... Fink has also sprinkled a goodly amount of his own wit throughout the book.... But perhaps the best part is to be found in the 8-page introduction in which Fink tells readers why he chose to write a book on married saints.... [He] says that he wants to 'show that the term married saint is not an oxymoron.' We believe he has succeeded." -- William R. Bruns in The Criterion, April 16, 1999

"Most of the Church's canonized saints were not married. Married Saints, by John F. Fink, is a collection of brief biographies of those who have found sanctity within marriage, highlighting their great charity and heroic virtue." --Fr. William C. Graham in National Catholic Reporter, May 7, 1999

"Fink profiles the lives of several married saints such as Thomas More, Margaret of Scotland, Sts. Peter, Monica, Frances of Rome and Elizabeth Ann Seton. He also writes about married couples such as Joseph and Mary, Joachim and Ann, Zachary and Elizabeth and Isidore and Maria. The book abounds with interesting facts and insights into the lives of the profiled saints, bringing a human dimension to many of God's elect. Throughout, Fink illustrates how the saints incorporated their faith and holy actions into all realms of their lives, including their marriages. It was Fink's intention to 'encourage husbands and wives everywhere to strive for greater holiness in their marriages and to take pride in their peers who did so before them and are now listed in the roster of the saints'." --Ann Aubrey Hanson in The Southern Cross

"Historically the Church has placed a greater value on virginity than on marriage, with the result that, except for the martyrs, any list of saints consists mainly of monks and celibate clergy. This book starts by reminding the reader that most saints in heaven are married since St. Paul defined saints as those persons who follow Christ (Col 1:2). Although the laity and the married are underrepresented in the lists of canonized saints, this small book provides short biographies of 23 married saints that have been officially canonized in the Catholic Church.... This book is very informative and beneficial for spiritual reading. It opens the door for publishers, authors and readers to many hidden treasures in the Church." -- Coptic Church Review, Summer 1999

"John Fink is editor emeritus of The Criterion, the newspaper of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. He notes that although most canonized saints were not married, there are many who were. Beginning with Mary and Joseph, Joachim and Ann, Zachary and Elizabeth, and St. Peter, he presents brief lives of 23, including Thomas More, Elizabeth Ann Seton, Monica, Louis, Elizabeth of Hungary, Elizabeth of Portugal, Henry, Margaret of Scotland, Edward the Confessor, Bridget of Sweden, Isidore and Maria de la Cabeza, and Perpetua and Felicity." --W. Charles Heiser in Theology Digest, Summer 2000

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