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The New Community Bible: <I>International Catholic Edition</I>

New Community Bible, The: International Catholic Edition
A fresh, new translation of the Bible with commentaries provided by leading biblical scholars. Easy cross references, compact lexicon of people, places and events, plus a Thumb Index.

Images of the Unseen: <I>The Mysteries of Life Revealed in Sacred Art

Images of the Unseen: The Mysteries of Life Revealed in Sacred Art"
An illustrated overview of the enormous contribution that the Catholic Church has made to man's artistic endeavors over the past two-thousand years.

I Believe in One God: <I>The Creed Explained</I>

I Believe in One God: The Creed Explained
Pope Benedict XVI, in one of the last gestures of his papacy in this Year of Faith, reviews each of the articles of the Apostle's Creed. Foreword by Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan of New York.

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